marlene mountain
as is


more haiku bosses still i'll write what i want and call it haiku



i don't recall saying 'anything' as i think each creative person has to have discretion, responsibility, integrity and all that other stuff. the trouble i've found with haiku cops is their 'not much goes/hardly anything goes' if it doesn't fit their definitions. their definitions are limited by what they've read in translation and by other bosses. those who can read japanese often have agendas that are not above suspicion, 'course what japanese haiku have been through the years is not what it's about. art comes from individuality not from 'democratic' consensus, committees, board meetings, academies, well-intentioned judges and the like. it's always healthy to remember that art comes before its definition and that mediocrity, repression and/or commercialism after. it's been troubling enough to have regional cops eg ny, wi--now there's world haiku to set the standard?. just wait till we have planetary haiku association cops.

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