marlene mountain
as is



a response

fancy orgasms to murder doctor greineder's whole life to do his thing

the same day again my nature to mulch the turkeys' nature to unmulch

i'd decided not to post these from today but they relate to what you
saw as 'from the same process.' a response to
something [not necessarily to everything/anything]. 'the news'/media keeps us
in contact with the rest of humanity rather than just
our own little nows and heres. tho not everyone knows about the dr's
trial/outcome it is in the big picture. 'news' is a kind of
literature even. maybe like the china lit that basho drew upon. both 'raw
material' --whether someone else's art or someone else's
news. we allow it to be a part of our life/art or often it forces itself on
us. the same as when a tiger swallowtail flutters by. i'm around
so much 'nature' that it's refreshing to respond to what i'm not around tho is
still a part of my consciousness. it's all nature to me.
the process of/the processing of. i wouldn't want to write about every
butterfly that visits the flowers i grow for them or every
murderer i see on tv. just what grabs on and won't let go until it is written.
why make a distinction? i don't see the need to. i really
don't think haiku does either.

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