marlene mountain
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arrogance is a world-wide thing. nationality, regionalism ad nauseam.
this fucked up world is a direct result of the most arrogant of all 'concepts' ie patriarchy. which i fondly call 'pricktriarchy.' ownership and subjection began as i see it with the over-reaction to the knowledge of paternity. whenever that late-neolithic revolution happened in each area of the world. i consider it to be the only revolution the world has ever had. to overturn the natural matristic cultures male gods [sky gods, thunder & lighting gods] were invented by men to establish this 'new world order.' to read between the lines of 'creation myths' is to see this. creation myths are really take-over myths. a pie-in-the-sky concept replaced the womb of earth--which was not then separated from the sky. all male 'reliegions' and 'philossophies' which have followed further perpetuated and entrenched male authority. some have offered band-aids or patches to some of the rawer 'menstitutions' but they still represent the male as knowledge. a return to the old ways is impossible now. unless we have a 'shevolution.' shevolutionary men of course would be a part of this.

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