marlene mountain
as is



big time

how to get famous outside/inside of haiku

little old grey-haired men dead and alive

how to get ahead in haiku without even trying:

simply dump the hsa definitions. they fuckin suck.

people do not capitalize nature if they want to be taken seriously.
unless you wanna live in the past.
i like to say nature! nature! -- as in the pizza! pizza! ad slogan.

drop any mention of syllable [yawn]

drop any mention of japan other than here's some interesting pieces
to read if you can find decent translations

drop any mention of relating humans to nature

drop any mention of senryu as witty etc

drop any mention of non-rhyme

drop any mention of kigo--season word is good enough when necessary

don't tell anyone one that there's a big book of compartmentalized nature

don't kigoize america per tourist districts & chambers of commerce
[don't fuck with nature around here]

drop any mention of ginko

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