marlene mountain
as is
spring 2001

when chickadees

thanks for this and all your comments along the way. aside from my university years i've been a rural person my entire adult life and play in the dirt and watch turtles and toads as i did in childhood. on the patch of the world i live on i see and/or hear or see signs of deer, grouse, duck, heron, bear, squirrel, rabbit, turkey, groundhog, trout, bat, owl. all manner of insect and salamander, tree, flower, water, snow, heat, moss, lichen, rock. i'm poor but dirt rich. btw, i include myself equally in the above partial list. when chickadees list their companions in nature they say they include me and i believe them. we don't need a haiku to put us back together again. not even a moment keenly perceived. they also tell me that when they do write about their companions that i'm not a senryu even when i'm witty, satirical, pist or whatever. nor do i see them when in these moods as senryu. the butterflies don't really care if i write about them. several tho have remarked that they're glad i haven't stereotyped or syllablized them. we love humor as well as seriousness eg the destruction of butterfly et al habitat. several of my companions and i have created some 'nature talks back' pieces. all say it's one thing to be free within haiku, but another thing to be free of habitat. well those things we often discuss. as for oneness-- i'm not aware it's been brought up.

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