marlene mountain
as is
march 2001


expansion of content

many thanks for this activism. my love/hate relationship with haiku
began in matsuyama as i observed attitudes toward women in the 4-month
stay in 1970. r h blyth of course further polluted [see dictionary
definition] haiku for me when i read his comments re women and haiku.
eg, that women can't write haiku. and if they can they're relegated to
certain women's content. so when i say i write 'women's haiku' i intend
that to be an expansion of content including his observation of our
observations. haiku indeed has been a male concept [see definition] of
nature. compartmentalizing and twisting and cleansing nature to no
end. down with kigo; up with natural nature. a butterfly for all
seasons. i've aready seen buterflies and written so and here it is
still winter. golly. and i'm in the haiku with them. golly.
up with activism.


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