marlene mountain
as is
spring 2001


i write and have written all kinds of haiku content, attitude and shape
and have never crammed anything down anyone's throat. i am truly glad
to know that i've not exhausted the potential of haiku and that 'bitter
rage' is out there for the taking.

friends take delight when i call myself 'crone without a cause.' they
also get a kick from my haiku:

i think therefore i am pissed


renoir painted with his dick. i write with my mind. 'whatta
lifestyle' may not have been 'in place in haiku' before but now it is,
just like that--and a full-assed haiku at that. in the compost both
millipede and mm have the same lifestyle. and we say 'whatta.'

millipede in the compost whatta lifestyle

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