marlene mountain
as is
march 2001



just 'things mm'

i've written 2-line tanka. i think tanka in japan is one-line. due to our horizontal writing/pages/etc a bit difficult--that is if one wanted to follow that lead. the 5-line tanka is visually an extension of the strange 3-line haiku. i asked a couple friends to write two-line tanka for 2. as sequences. i suggested this pattern:

1st person -- long line
2nd person --short line
2nd person --long line
1st person --short line
1st person -- long line
and so on.

a bit like one-line renga/renku. however to get away from the '-ku/-ga' argument i simply say 'one-line linked haiku.' 'course that gripes a few but if i have to 'defend' anything i'm not defending 'things japanese.' just 'things mm.'

the main point of linked haiku is the 'linknleap' quality. visually the long/short/long links. i don't pay any attention to the placement of moon, cherry blossoms and so on required by the original foreign country.

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