marlene mountain
as is




sometimes i've said 'anything but 3 lines' which is not necessarily the same as 'anything goes.' but then anything is better than nothing goes


what i like to do is give 'em 'haiku' --giggle.


in the world of little writing. i hope someone is documenting the 'real/unreal history' as often the self-appointed 'haiku cops' have more influence on the direction/content of poems than the poems themselves.


given the japanese mindset toward nature and art/discipline i
don't think immediate experience has been a big factor in haiku.
immediate experience seems more of a later western romanticization.
especially an american view toward independence of thought and all

speaking as a non-reader of poetry i have my doubts that the
underlying concepts of the japanese attitude toward nature as expressed
in any of the arts/disciplines would be very close to western romantic
etc poetry concepts. maybe translations of haiku give that impression
as well as western haiku based on translations.

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