marlene mountain
as is
february 2001



Date: Tue Feb 27, 2001 7:45pm
Subject: high coup hai ku for friend jim

a high coup hai ku for friend jim:

mr kacian et al worldwide tear down those silly haiku/senryu definitions



friend jim and friends
to some of us [but not all] fortunate to have lived
during the '70s haiku wars' and fortunate to have
survived not only then but the continuing decades
we quite naturally hold in suspect any definition and/or
authority. as we've discussed other times and i certainly
have with other poets over these many years the
definitions in of hsa/'frogpond' for example simply are not
adequate. the haiku definition is rather antiquated
reflecting a duality that does not exist.

there is no split between people and other nature. [i groan
at 'Nature.' tho !!!NATURE!!! might be an interesting term
to reflect what is left of Nature as the old poets romanticized
Her.] science, art, religion and other philosophies were
responsible for this irresponsible concept. it will take some
doin' but i feel that it's the duty of science, art, religion and
other philosophies--even haiku-- to rectify this misconception
in all ways possible. all for now i'm off to plant onions.

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