marlene mountain
as is


there're also other considerations

since we are all made of the same matter as
stars do we need haiku to relate us to nature?
we are nature. the hsa definition is one of those
old-fogy foggy patriarchal attitudes of separation.
a moment keenly perceived [tho i love this
expression in haiku] is quite ancient. it allowed
women to develop slings to carry babies, their
sculpture to express the uniqueness of birthing,
pottery to hold gathered food and medicine etc. it's
allowed artists, composers, scientists et al to move
forward and often backward.

what if music had stopped with the greeks, with bach,
with bartok? haiku cannot stop with japanese attitudes.
i personally disagree with japanese attitudes of controlling nature
in art. therefore controlling artists who are nature too.

we appreciate the uncontrollables like basho. uncontrollables keep art alive
as they perturb us with their moments keenly perceived.

that no one owns haiku is a real dilemma. a fascinating dilemma.

i feel hsa and all groups and individuals who have muddied the water should take responsibility to unmuddy their share. i feel for those who go into a classroom and have to deal with kids counting any amount instead of allowing the creative impulse to spring forth naturally. let them count nonart. how many artists does it take to unslave us from the academies? did they struggle in vain? golly. look at the long process to rid themselves of the philosophies/propagandas of church and state. the military, the patrons, the taskmasters etc. the eternal struggle i guess. from which art bursts or dribbles depending upon the crackdowners and the courage of the artists.

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