marlene mountain
as is
january 2002



prisoner of patriarchy the discovery channel

i call it the nondiscovery channel which still projects back the old european concepts [especially victorian, incorporating the late egyptian/greek/hebrew/et al religions which further transformed/turned upside-down cultures culminating with 'the church's' outright hatred of females with such concepts as 'vagina dentata']. mistaken concepts projected on what were probably matristic cultures. in my thinking overreaction to the knowledge of paternity is the real 'neolithic revolution' [agriculture and animal breeding merely some results]. overreaction with 'hey it's mine' ['isn't it?'] usurped the natural matrilineal 'order' ie mother/child . her clan. the kind of paternity which breeds patriarchy. the world's only revolution. which led to the development of 'male creation gods' to reinforce the new concepts [a word derived from semen/sperm] of males birthing everything. duh. womb-envy it's politely called. male-birthers--that's it in a nutshell.
ah the stuff of very good bad haiku. let them write their good haiku i always like to say.



the programs i can't watch:

after nature reeks havoc the alpha males passes on his genes thru his harem
[nothing ever mentioned of females passing on theirs or that a tribe of females will only put up with 1 bragging stud. of course nature is continually victimizing nature when one creature merely breakfasts on another or a natural tornado etc happens along.]
brutish neanderthals with larger brains die from a toolkit smaller than 'ours'
[took them including females quite a long time to die out if indeed they really did. hooray for limited toolkits and for those 'digging sticks' which females apparently used to provide food for some 200,000 years. i think.]

mr senryu like god's dead

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