marlene mountain
as is


7/12 2002


one of my old nonfamous haiku on haiku was directed to andre agassi. he used to say 'image is everything' and i disagreed relating it to haiku. can't remember it tho. i looked again at the 18 recent links. they seem to be images. some are just not obvious. eg this about the heat:

remember the cold how thick it was in our thoughts and poems

about me when i was beginning to feel better--i think of myself as an image:

today's fear of the future a little bit less than yesterday's

this guy's certainly an image:

brain waves the attorney general needs to arrest his

this a bit harder to find but i think 'we the people' can be seen as an image:

will they come clean everything we don't want to know yet should

i've long included the mind/brain as the sense of all senses. it's where taste/smell etc come from. we touch with our brain rather than the illusion of hand touch. if the brain is damaged the hands can feel nothing. etc re the other senses. beyond that 'intellectuality' in haiku has gotten bad press. japanese haiku is intellectual as heck. image especially 2 images is of course contrived. but as i've often said why write what's been written. re my things. lot's of 'images' considering i only write links these days. a thought is an image. a visual thing in the mind. i can see my thoughts. well i'm off to make some dirt--my main passion in life.

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