marlene mountain
as is
december 2002


thanks so much francine for your call today. your listening and your talking. at just the right moment. helped my spirit considerably. all this recent churning about my haiku and comments which i so hoped i was done with. the churning of course. lovemm 12/29

thanks so much suhni. and to cindy for past present & 'future.' i feel a little less isolated in haiku. not that i'm not used to it all these years. going thru old email and stuff lately for my 'as is' section i have gotten a bit down on myself for popping off so much about japanese haiku and definitions and such as what we masses are supposed to go by. in the long run a lot of people have gone their own ways--for which i'm glad of course. but the personal struggle from the 70s/80s has stayed with me. probably overstayed. last night/this morning i've been considering deleting the whole section. i found some arrogance i wasn't aware i have--but other than that i just don't think my private 'rantings' and perhaps overresistance will be understood. especially in today's world. not that content is so open but it has widened. quite often i forget this. on the other hand i'm occasionally reminded that 'bosses' are still with us. I guess right now i'm back in my 'gulp did i write that' mode. i'm better off not remembering/not seeing what i've written. marlene 12/29 ps is it spring yet?

suhni and cindy thanks muchly for your encouragement. in this big world i don't think people have much time/interest/energy for ops [other people's stuff]. i try to keep this in perspective but sometimes i forget. i do think people should keep their writing [and date it]. sharing it is the tough part. so is not sharing it. good to have a few friends. marlene 12/30

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