marlene mountain
as is
may 2002



i tend to think that untamed has the implication/the possibility/the potential of tameable. native--that kind of word--i prefer to untamed/wild. i don't think of a lion as wild but living a lion's life. not a predator but an eater, sleeper, and so on.

my grievance tho is with the exploitation of such terms as wild as on 'the discovery channel' and sometimes on public television's nature programs. as well as other nature adventures presented by tv and movies. the commercialism of w-i-l-d. in other words popular culture along with the attitudes in pop sciences and malescholarshit. and so on.

and is a vacant lot vacant? a term we take for granted. are the oceans really shark-infested or do sharks merely live there? nature's fury or a tornado? years ago i found myself listening to the ways nature is referred to. began to write the words down on scraps of paper and somehow the concept/idea for a painting series developed. if you're able to find these words in the sketch/paintings you'll see the cause of this approach. terms/attitudes that well 'tick me off.' --whatever that means.

see 'wreckcreation' painting series

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