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1st person

francine changed 4 to 'i/me' as that's who it's about. didn't put originally as not to repeat 1st person. however as i like to think in reverse (like turning a painting upside down to see what it's really made of) i propose that we write about ourselves (and each other maybe) in our links. maybe with a few non-us thrown in.

i suggested to jan that we write double links (i relate that to playing a 12 string guitar). one about 'the world' which somehow relates to previous 'world' link. and one about ourselves that relates back. & if possible a relationship between each doubles. a very tough project and several years later we're still at it. & we're not always following the idea exactly. if you're a news watcher as i am we might try that sometime.

we can try the 'ourselves renga' in r5 or think about for another. the japanese language and therefore their haiku language rely on context rather than pronouns. probably where the infamous 'egolessness' comes from which westerners have oddly adopted. what i call false humility. as i experienced it there. the adopted 'attitude' became in part the adapted infamous 'ing' i so famelessly & shamelessly talk about. e.g. walking instead of i walk. the poet in the haiku anyway but for some strange reason might believe ing is egoless and i is that awful ego. well hopefully my only musings of the day.

lovemm 8/20/98 oh dear a
ps: some tend to believe that to put moon/cherry etc at predetermined places is work therefore art. any renga pals can delegate topics and follow them. e.g. non-us, computer/web, lawnmower, tall building, small reptile, dust, blues, orange thing and on. it would be work. and even original. like 'this renga topic rules are: l3 l21 to be hand tools, l14 l19 l32 to be baby animals, misc to be l15 etc.' and 'this next renga .. .' i guess this aslant thinking has resulted in dadaku, high coup, and high coup hai clue over the years. old haiku: even alone i crave to be alone. yet i crave to share ideas.


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