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17m heart tattoo on the hardened killer's kill

[17m didn't catch the movie name last night. eastwood and kevin costner and a little boy. a trigger-happy/sharp-shooter[hardened killer] 'good guy' shot costner after he was already shot by the boy and was giving up/dying. i had a physical jolt when it happened. eastwood directed and at the end he said i don't know i don't know a damn thing. i see films as equivalent to chinese/japanese lit references in haiku/linked forms--if i were trying to 'prove/justify' such links. i had all but last two words when it happen. changed mid-shower so to speak from possible erotic link. well actually the tattoo came from the movie and landed in the shower then the jolt put it back on costner. then your love link which related in my mind to the love between the boy/costner and comments by costner throughout. as if you knew the reference/film. strange. tho my link appears violent it refers to a good 'bad guy.' that's how j haiku can/could be so 'minimal' as the readers know/used to know the references. the 'shorthand' poem. the 'mental references' poem. [no-thought haiku an oxymoron.] 'course since most women weren't allowed to learn chinese in the old days i guess everything had to be explained. that's where the plot thickens in my perceptions. denied women once again. when haiku was 'lowered' and could be written in kana the woman's written language or japanese then i guess regular people could write/read it. something like that. maybe. i forget. then 19d which linked basho and me only if readers knew of us/the poems. and your 12d. and our heaven/eternity ref. well our next piece could be non-content minimalism. where i was heading [in thought] before i got 'off the haiku track.' and got into maximal content. tho a better description might be 'miximal' which just came as a result of a typo. miximum tho changes the thought 'mum' but then there's 'mal.' gee how can one get slap-happy [what the heck does that mean?] in the morning. and i haven't even written a lick i mean a kink oops a link.

ps an oldie

old bed we jump into the sound of love

or was it love's sound i forget.

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