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annos note

these annotations and the pages mentioned have been another non-book. in 92 my apple 2c quit so i was left with one poorly printed copy on which i made a few written corrections in 93. maybe 3 - 5 people have looked at the annos since they were begun.

when i got a mac a year ago i assumed these (in sections because of small apple memory), old essays, etc. could be transferred. 5 1/4 disks a big problem. i talked with a jillion 'experts'--all but a couple said it couldn't be done. this past month with much hard work frank and mike got them into their macs. tho not 'as is.' mike sent them as mac documents/attachments last week. i pushed every button i could find for several days and finally opened them in some kind of 'word' for mac.

difficult for me to read about the old days. mainly i took out the junk symbols, numbers, etc which appeared on every line. then i got some nerve to read while proofing & adding some of the 93 corrections. even tho i hadn't read it all these years i saw that i was still too close to it to decide if it was a potential book.

i tried to send a few friends the docs but only carlos could open them w/out a messed up version. by then i had pushed many other translation buttons and had a lot of folders with weird versions. carlos was encouraging about the material & put the sections in email and sent. i was trying the same. now had some many annos i lost track of what i'd proofed, etc. closed my eyes and trashed all but 2 versions.

the annos still not really read or printed out, i felt i should just junk the whole 'project.' too much stuff for people with so little time for their own things.

well something over-took me and you and some other friends got spammed. i apologize if i've clogged your system. please don't feel obligated. if i'm unable to read the material well i certainly understand if you can't.

while doing this i knew again it's way too difficult as a book. the pages are too odd--from drawings to yellowed letters, tear outs, photos, notebook pages. it's possible it might work on a web site--which i may be able to get--with a click here gismo for the examples. if they can be scanned ok.

if you do have comments they will be very appreciated. on material or if you think it's too weird, personal, doesn't make sense. etc. truly. just beginning to proof the last section which i'll send unless you say enuf already. thank you.

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