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blind renga 2

one of the blind renga i suggested to jane back when. we developed the first line on the phone.

1-6 jane would do the kigo cliches [1/3rd]; mm the rest [2/3rds]. then at 7-18 mm the kigo; jane the 2/3rds and so on
each person would write a 1/3rd or a 2/3rds for each link. when each had all her parts written the piece sent to the other. not to look at until each had finished. then the fragments were connected for each link. a blind renga.

unfortunately jane peeked/rewrote some of hers even a couple of mine. so the concept was spoiled for me. no longer a blind renga. no longer fun/funny. no longer 'found art' but most significantly no longer satire.

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