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book dates & publ info

1) By the middle 70's when John Will's [sic] third book river appeared
[[ " was reprinted]]
or [[In 1970 " appeared]]

2) In the same year that John's book was published in its second edition (1976),
[[correct but other places don't jive with it]]

3) John Wills, river, Elizabethton, Tennessee: Self-published, 1976.

John Wills, river, Statesboro, Georgia, 1970; second edition, Elizabethton, Tennessee, 1976. Both self-published.

Marlene Morelock Wills, the old tin roof, N/A: Self-published, 1976.

available printer info: Elizabethton, Tennessee
Marlene Mountain, PISSED OFF POEMS AND CROSS WORDS, Hampton, Tennessee, Self-published, 1986.

available printer info: Johnson City, Tennessee

[[hampton is my address not where published
the first 'printer' in Elizabethton botched the job so badly including the cover color that i took it elsewhere; he even started by printing on typing paper which i caught. many problems.

the second 'printer' botched in so many ways that he volunteered to reprint. also a disaster. pages upside down and out of place. rusting 'stainless steel' staples, even. when the magenta cover ran out he wouldn't order anymore so i didn't get some 100-200 copies bound and he soon went out of business and i guess threw out those.

i only sent out a few copies of the warm-colored book and consider it a non-book; the magenta cover is the 'corrected' version. tho just another sad experience with so many problems to it. it's after this i got a copier. you may remember all the trouble/sadness of that experience, you and werner were so very kind to me]]


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