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according to mm's annos my interest in haiku concepts--not haiku itself--and the eastern ideas of wordlessness and empty space came about because of painting ideas [and photographs] i was already in the midst of. the wordlessness of my art ideas eventually led to the minimal haiku. japanese haiku did not lead me into haiku. nor did western haiku.

my 'eventual' content came about because of a few art pieces by women. led to 'women's haiku' which allows more content and emotion--more opening up of life--than does the old boys' haiku.
there is no haiku tradition i claim to be a part of. eastern or western. no mad poet. no mad woman in the attic or wherever. not a follower of male--yes male--perspectives/takes on life/views 'expressed' in haiku. tho i'm glad to know of haiku as i was of e e when i was 22--tho not a reader of since. and matisse and the nyc and calif painters. everything.

it's a visual/conceptual/rootical background. haiku often a trap that's harmed. but i was able to 'make it my own' as artists are prone to do.

i'm interested in 'unoneness' and 'something special' and 'emotions' as i've been interested in other 'concepts.' haiku--as all arts--a concept.

it's really not complicated. just an individual's approach/es. a woman's life in art or ideas. expressions. i don't believe it to be so that i'm linked to a haiku tradition. unless you can find a trail of dissatisfied japanese women allowed to speak of such in haiku. brain science has shown women think differently. few cultures allow/ed few women to think out loud. to create the forms in which to think/express. if people have interest it's up to them to learn my language as that's what we do. lots of peoples/artists' languages i took the time to learn. wanted to learn to expand my mind. but eg cor in a sentence blew me off. unscholarly. narrow. i know cor a bit or i wouldn't say that. he's not been able to think beyond his biases in a long time. but of course that's how it goes.

i'm glad for those who aren't that way. i do wish for more courage for/from some. would help me when mine so often lags. and i still wish for those as yet unwritten haiku. intimidation is an awesome force. a robber of ideas. especially of women's.

well some yak-yak.

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