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35m behind these haiku the bright purple desktop pattern has to go

hopes still to clear my mind back to desktop pattern 'bricks'

sometimes i just write things that are plum inexcusable

one-line haiku
not because of japan but because one line

36 links
because i no longer write seqs and it has a western balance to it

breaks at 6, 18, 30
have chosen other breaks too. 6/6's; 8 8 10 10; etc

a visual thing

switching authorship of long/short at the customary intervals
have to as one would write all longs etc

ending with a feeling of optimism

'rules and regs'
i find them beside the point. for me the point is content from a woman's life/view. etc, overlooked in japan to say the least.

i've had several of these same conversations. a jillion w/myself. probably 'struggled' more than most. who get it from books anyway. there's nothing i've dismissed lightly. nothing i've taken on lightly. only recently have i made it to a place i can say fun--with no sarcasm even.

if one wants to study japanese arts don't go to the art or art books/explanations but to critical discussion of japanese psychology esp by japanese who've stepped outside to look. that's the place to understand a culture which describes its rules which informs its arts etc. not in romanticized pr. it's in that realm that one can see how much of the art/s can be taken in. you don't seem to believe that the japanese think we're nuts and are embarrassed by the little ditties created in english.



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