marlene mountain
as is



limited person

hal are you wanting a mountain painting or a mm painting? friend lowell has n carolina mts. see our: a funny photo of me too. i don't know how to do commissions or one-painting paintings. he does. i'm a limited person. a non-professional etc. whatever i paint has to come from somewhere deep within which i can't find. otherwise it doesn't happen.

and all paintings in series--because the idea gets complex on me. my friends don't understand this/me nor do i. the mountain image has gotten so symbolic and personal that i wouldn't know how to do a mountainscape. i've on occasion wondered why i don't do one--just can't. i have an idea it would make me cry. all that i've been thru to hang on to this place. one symbolic & complex series 'home away from home' did cause a friend to cry. haiku on each of 5 4x8' complicated constructions w/curtains. one: what have i come to i've begun to want what i can't have. a series in which i painted in my dream house (a symbolic 2-peak mountain-shape straw-bale studio/home in the woods) in order to paint it out of my heart.

the place was also to house my things after mother nature takes me. before that to actually see them again. some 300 paintings stacked upstairs, leaning several deep against walls, lent out cause i have no more room, some probably lost, ruined etc. oh well, ask a complex question and get a simple answer. or is it the other way around. i do appreciate your caring.


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