marlene mountain
as was/is




i think we write pretty good haiku without a definition. that's not easy. but certainly where i like to live.

i found nothing in those non-senryu because i can't read the originals. these japanese companies use such as pr even to japanese. unfortunately lots of japanese [salarypeople] try to emulate western conventions which tried to emulate eastern conventions. whatever the convention they can write as awful as westerners can.

i look forward to the '2000 wars' re definitions content concrete images emotions etc. probably won't happen tho. too much entrenchment. either way i've paid my 20 years serious dues plus 10 or so more years so i just 'wanna have fun.' that is whatever pops up from my mind/gut because there's some kind of discipline way inside that i've learned to trust. now whether it has merit is another story. giggle

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