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a patch

submission/emptiness--talking points for men and armlettes is all. women have been there done that in reality. i've opened myself up to the plight of females. got more than i asked for. the deepest moment of enlightenment anyone can have in patriarchy. if all humans would do this the world would change for the better. no philosophy needed.

every male philosophy has harmed. we wouldn't need pacifists et al if guys hadn't decided to possess. to categorize. each 'theory' comes along to patch the last one. we're layered with such. world littered w/dead and insane bodies as a result. they do not work or the world wouldn't be as it is. where are women not viewed as 2nd class? if that 'good'? not in male-philosopy lands. rare even on paper. 'thank you god for not making me a woman, slave ..' jewish daily prayer.

how females have survived the onslaught is absolutely amazing. walk in a woman's shoes--if she has them.

all else merely a patch. remember i've read about those patches too. i've also read between the lines. even luckier i've delved into 'maytreearchy' ie matristic art architecture burial conditions 'tools' of the past. talk about unity. until post-matristic 'philossophys' began to divide everything possible. men from women, light from dark, sky from earth, mind from body, men from nature including men from animals, 'reliegion' from spiritually ['dogma spelled backwards = amgod'], so forth. merely talking points as nothing can be separated in spite of 5-6000 years of attempts. or attempts to put it back together ie patches. female subjugation of course works well with brut force and brainwashing [works on men and children too].

one of my and lots of friends favorite 'talking haiku' is:

well, just who the hell do you think fucked it up, caterpillars

i said that to a laid-back non-old hippy artist-type after a group show at appy st univ in '82. became an 'equal hell, art' card. got censored when one actor friend mailed to another--from tenn to calif way back then.

anyway mate i've had all the enlightenment i can stand. when people say: but what about men? good guys? christianity? buddism? mother tereasa? mandela? et al i sigh and sometimes try to 'explain' or sigh and say nothing. the latter the better.

mother nature and mothers the source/s of creation. all else including art is imitation from this source built into us for which i'm grateful.

well this is my rootical stuff for now. it's not anti-male. i love guys even created one-w/a borrowed 'y' of course. just not appreciative of male-don't work-philosphies. i've linked and lept. be glad for me.

thanks for listening.

is haiku maternal generosity or father sternness
whichever i don't need it to feel oneness [or unoneness of patriarchy]

'20 yrs still not enough'

that's what i mean. people who say they're following the haiku spirit a la japanese and writing 'real' haiku and renga/renku are nuts. can't be done. we write japaneasy haiku based on translations--mainly blight's which have messed up the true wordlessness etc etc. tis my belief. i got nothing against japaneasy haiku if it was acknowledged as such. that's what turns me off. the parade of 'traditional' haiku yak-yak which is a farce. one just has to live there and truly observe long enough to 'get it'. i went there with romantic notions re the culture/arts. it took me several painful years to sort this out. one of my had-about-as-much-as-i can-stand enlightenments [too tired to know the spelling]. you don't know how this saddened me. but best to 'know' and get on with one's writing. create one's own haiku as best as one can. well i can't really get this said right tho i've tried for years. it's 'the' haiku enlightenment. the big one. it breaks one's heart. but eventually it feels right. lovemm 7/5

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