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over the years i'd jot down 'rerights' righting a famous maleism or other such things. 'i think therefore i am pissed' and 'nothing special' into 'something special' 'a lot of education is a dangerous thing' [*] i once considered buying a book of quotations to see how many i could 'reright'--too expensive and then i thought that's the last thing i need to be reading. so it was just things that would pop out--which i could pop off with. including calling them haiku.
oh one of my best--& probably the most offensive to others--'god's not dead he's alive and a real prick'. thought it might be helpful in the centuries of academic debate whether god exists or did and is now dead. don't know if it popped out before or after the popular tshirt 'god is coming and she is pissed.' but it's all in the name of intellectual dialogue, good clean fun and haiku. 'god's not'--would you believe--as a link in a published renga. around '83 or '84. the pre-dunphy days, no less.

when don has time and is interested we might give something a try. it sounds hard tho. oh dear all this sitting at a machine--i'll gain back all those pounds i lost when i was spring-crazed and couldn't get my hands out of nature dirt. am getting some longish fingernails--not a good sign.

[*expanded to: a lot of haiku education...]

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