marlene mountain
as is




rock n roll

i started saying linked haiku several years ago; gets away from renga/renku rancor and asserts independence from self-colonization.

could have said link n leap haiku-- like rock n roll. i like best the leap with a nod at the link. and long/short/long form. and trying not to repeat too many words or, for the heck of it, intentionally repeating too many words.

what do you like/don't?

you're awfully tolerant to let me look at your 3-line as a 1-line. truly you are. it looks good that way tis my belief. if you're not use to one-line--& w/out extra spaces, at that--you may be in for a treat and a challenge.


usually magazines can't handle lines too long--tho these days there's smaller fonts. i used to think 60 letters/spaces was quite long but have sometimes gone over. but then i only send to raw nervz haiku if i send at all. i have more fun just writing aware that what i write is usually unacceptable--pun intended. the switch i was referring to is eg 6/7 where i would write to my link and begin the longer links until we switch at 18/19.

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