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a one-line tanka by two ??

verse-capping or something like that. we could take turns w/the 1st lines.
i've always [well a long time] thought tanka should be in 2 1-lines. in japan it's a 1-line down the page i believe. i have a conflict whether to call anything i do a japanese name. to get away from the 'foreign' - to make it independent and inclusive yet of course suggesting the impetus. to call it so eg tanka to say as far as i can tell it's one--and insist 2 one-lines is just fine. and/or be perverse. and/or make up a new name.

i think of it as a 1-line tanka that just can't be printed that way in our magazines. but two lines at least get away from fake 5 lines. even tho i don't enter contests etc i get incensed that a haiku etc has to fit into 3 lines or whatever. esp silly for a japanese contest. tho of course 3 lines are ok.

tom c and i just finishing a piece. he asked if he could send multi responses for me to choose from. tougher for me than writing. i suggested he turn his 'left-overs' into sequences and one --rather 2-- line tanka. and if he had more leftovers we could try 'verse-capping.' i may have sent him an attempt. but we've not followed thru. i don't know if others have done such or not. maybe rotella?


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