marlene mountain
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the kid

but you see i don't feel marginalized. i knew when i was about 21 when friends were talking about going to nyc and being famous artists that i wasn't interested. haven't changed a bit in that view. besides

embarrassed to admit i write haiku with no chance to explain

whatever anthos i've been in was not in my pursuit. every once in a while there's an editor who tolerates or likes some of my things and i send. lately i really don't even do that. just the linked things. francine has been the only one to pull a book ie half a book out of me and that happened so fast i didn't have a chance to consider. have yet to read since proofs and no memory to speak of these days. (one reason i don't read.) i'm beginning to understand the various contributions i've made. but they've been made to the kid from ada who wasn't supposed/allowed to think beyond what's what and that's final. i've yet to 'rebel.' that's taken it's toll. so when i go beyond myself i have to stop to catch up. or rest or something. yet it isn't beyond myself. i'm really behind, even behind myself. anyway as the cliches go it's been a personal journey, i paint for myself, i can only write when it comes. goodness how one/i can rattle on.

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