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true roots

if you don't know the field work/books of late dr marija gimbutas (ucla prof/archeologist) you're in for some moments keenly perceived. i based 2 painting series on such moments. 'the civilization of the goddess' [harper row] is more scholarship than i'm able to read/digest except i know it in my gut. 'the language of the goddess' like the former is full of images but more in symbolic arrangements. the art blows my mind--makes all that has followed rather imitative. more than anything our true roots before the post-matristic disaster in which we all try to survive. your library can order them. they are now in large paperback. where she speaks of goddesses i say female; where she speaks of neolithic i say paleoclay.

Basho quote
Do not seek to follow in the footsteps of the men of old; seek what
they sought.

i cannot seek what they sought. if i seek anything it's the humanity of the ancient wom cultures/attitudes expressed in their art and burials. the unity of all rather than a separation from nature which male 'cultures' brought about -- but only on 'paper' -- and on occasion try to put back together thru elaborate philosophies. one can see the separation in all the creation myths esp if one reads between the lines. eg, japanese mythology.

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