marlene mountain
from the mountain
one-line haiku [167-187]
october 1977-c march 1978


One-line haiku pages sent to Allard with the preceding correspondence.
The initials on the right side of each page indicate some of the friends and
editors to whom I sent the haiku.
Those circled usually meant acceptance in a magazine.


167 english language
168 A old towel
169 B even before
170 C rainy day
171 D a japanese connection
172 E my feet
173 F mailman's
174 G debt paid
175 H & alone
176 I green greens
177 J summer
178 K in her
179 L the long
180 M daughter
181 N she now
182 O dog
183 P first day
184 Q new bridge
185 R cottonmouth
186 S old lute
187 T into dusk

The latter sheet wasnt sent to Allard but those checked were in a letter to him.