marlene mountain
from the mountain
january 1986



mountainhanging sky

america old japanese poet tells me ruined the moon
death hands no less put us there
eclipsed long ago sisters and our triple goddess
a time time counted in moons

midwife crosses the mountain with a lunar calendar
moon turning full in my belly
premenstrual a deeper look into the night sky
dew of the moon the flow begins

fog obscures the mountain that is home
my life  mist   mountain
isolation i work out with the moon who i am
mountain lit by quarter moon

equinox to come home to the budding mountain
darkness yet the mountain here
ovulation fold of the mountain scattered with mist
new moon renewing with her

above the mountain mountains of the moon
mountain surrounds my silence
hewed stone two arms raised to the crescent
she has always been

several of the one-lines have been published separately,
including the title, others added to form this sequence

Wind Chimes #19