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Richard Evanoff interview contents

Richard Evanoff, 'Haiku Goes West' The Magazine 3:2 1988 Tokyo
224a Haiku Goes West excerpt

Richard Evanoff interview with mm, 'The New Haiku' Kyoto Journal #7 1988
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pissed off poems sequence
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i grow older


i grow older radioactive wastes live 250 centuries
old pond a frog rises belly up
year ends another 96 billion lbs of hazardous waste
universe love it or leave it


after 'the day after' these are our leading minds?
build down my intelligence offended
balance of terror not how a kid spells peace
marine recruiter won't phone again


not against men in general just generals and
autumn nears a gun sale
full moon oh to hex the world back from them
we should have stayed seaweeds


farther & farther from the world still i hear the cries
homeland for women
if i were to paint goddess now her angry look
unable to change the world autumn begins

september 1985
pissed off poems and cross words

Wind Chimes #18; Kyoto Journal #7 1988;
The Symposium 1:1 1991; Perceptions #22 1990