marlene mountain
from the mountain
found sequence
a gathering 1990

january 11-december 22 1990

found sequence a gathering 1990

center core of women's art
i'd rather be alone
female nature rots
womnature rots
called brilliant again what does that mean
the truth shouldn't hurt
if no male religions no male fighting/killing
wishing through the haiku magazine just something like mine
anyone can write about the pleasant things
it's as if haiku poets live in albania
to get it all out on paper
get it said but not on rice paper
get it told but not on rice paper
female-said even on nice rice paper
woman-said even on nice paper
female poem even on nice paper
wompoem of life even on nice paper
'we have deprived you of your enemy'
somehow life has messed up how life is
sneaking up on myself
seriousness also when young
the age i used to think about
even in the paintings words
can't imagine what it's like not to
it's never enough to be an artist unless it's the journey
never enough to be an artist unless it's the journey from
damn cold feet!!
the disappointment of art unless done for oneself
what happened in my visual mind that kept me going thru the rough times
for 33 years my visual mind keeps me sane thru unsane times
sHeAnIrKyUu or ShEaNiRkYuU
she a nirk yuu
i'm serious about everything i'm serious about
i'm moved when a woman cares about just one woman
i'm moved when a woman cares deeply about herself
i'm moved when a woman cares deeply about herself and shares her thoughts
when a woman shares her life story with other women
even female anger isn't overreaction in a lie infested world
no blood means new blood
jeezzz i could say more and politely but
editors have such a jesusfuckingchrist grip on our feelings
haiku wardens
not smoking cholesterol but hardship of male world
basho: would you drop the fucking frog thing
just to say 'ain't i a woman' and to write of our feelings
jane sent 500 for printer to do it!
already got my mind made up don't confuse me with the lies
from oneness [sic] to unoneness
'if you're not part of the solution you're part of the problem'
i am nature too
sharp copier i did it: trust myself
haiku: me myself and i
people are nature too
i am nature too i am nature two i am nature
haiku: i think people should be real: haiku
new blood coming out of no blood
no blood changing into new blood
unable to apply my wisdom to myself
unable to apply my wisdom to my body
if i had help
for meanness to get my haiku to japan
to get my wompoems to a japanese wife
to get my wompoems to females in japan
with no blood comes the wisdom of new blood
the wisdom of no blood surges with new blood
from nature our wisdom of no blood
don't knock it till you've said fuck japanese content
is it all that hard to take women's content good
is it all that hard to read women's content good
spring clothes pins back on the line
a fake haiku wins first prize
have gone to pot without going to pot
no protest just hard work to stop erosion on my land
living room decorated with a copier
earth day hard work on my land then visions of subversion
yet my body my home the world falling apart
honesty doesn't hurt yet
you couldn't pay me enough to teach matisse again
in the proverbial closed drawer her thoughts to open up
in those days no choice and now poverty
in those days no choice for a woman to choose
there's a debate as to whether i will go commercial
with so many reds can a woman's life be far behind
alone dumping more masterfragments and misterpieces
now more fan mail than bills yet just as hard to find a response
a little more spring a few more pins on the line
rain upon rain from one doctor to the next
daffodil buds a few more pins on the line
we are all into our own thing which is what
'green scam'
'natural disasters'
glossy goddess in the yuppie new age catalog
new age yuppie catalog glossy goddess glossy ideas
new age catalog a yuppie goddess with glossy self-help
'nature bashing'
one eartha
with the help of genesis the world is ruined
he doesn't know what the heck i mean
new age catalog glossy self help for women
new age catalog glossy self-help won't pay the bills
again overview of the world through male-colored glasses
the hunger to get published a double-fake haiku
the freedom to express the real world through crone eyes
isolation the freedom to express perceived moments through crone eyes
the near freedom to express perceived moments through crone eyes
toward freedom to express perceived moments through crone eyes
less is more and more is not enough
jesse helms censorship for everyone
artistic expression if it's nice and/or helms can suck up to it
i'm too fuckin serious at least not horny
if i believed in signs i'd quit so far
about to believe in a plot to silence my images
could almost believe in a conspiracy to silence me
yet another 'sign' if i believed i'd quit yesterday
still reeling from reverse thinking
hard to think straight and wide at the same time
haiku is just another form of patriarchal suppression
trash haiku
mountain climber in the kitchen of the radical poet
foreign renga rules/old-fangled/three lines about it
goodness hal will the others be upset you've included me
jobs verses nature
brainwashed to say my job more important than that owl
hag party
shrillustrate the shetrillogy
fuck renga leaps let's talk about women's stuff
how fragile life is in this male-colored world
i give a shit & i don't give a shit & the 400 views in between
the 60s just another male decade
men running around to save face
men trying to decide how another can save face
serious talks how he can save face
big discussions how he can save face
how one more man can save face
so delicate men helping another save face
boys' club to help each other save face
delicacy of men always to save face
underneath sand & oil to save face
'american way of life'
my way of life or men saving face
it's not my way of life they're protecting
rub our faces in sand and oil to save maleface
how fragile life is in the save maleface world
to have been given a new life at least of my mind
i have come too far for her not far enough for me
male poortry
such a late start
women can't drive in s. arabia
i was moved by my paintings at the opening
i try not to dream of a new nest
'if you're standing still you're going backwards'
i'm not wildlife you're tamed life
we belong to an unmutual admiration society
i think i shall never see a haiku as real as a tree
county courthouse dc everywhere i'll kill his ass
a hag party by phone frustration pours out
a hag party sometimes alone
trust me life was great in matrilogical times
it all makes sense in matrilogical times
before the time change my heart pours out to another hag
hesitatingly i begin to gather a book of over 20 years
the book i'm to gather the inside feeling of lost