marlene mountain
from the mountain
summer 1970




(40a) Jason Wills on JAL flight to Japan, June 1970
and passport photo

(40b) our rented house in a suburb of Matsuyama

(40c) view from the house

(40d) Maki, daughter of Shinsei and Kazu Murakami

(40e-g) (e) Jason, two students (f) Junko Yano and (g) Korika Kanemitsu Nagai

(40h) Shinsei Murakami-sensei

(40i-p) Left to right (i) Asami Masuda Mizoguchi (j) John Wills (k) Chikusen Kondoh-

sensei (l) Jason Wills (m) Marlene Mountain (n) Nampu Ishii-sensei

(o) Osamu, son of C. Kondoh and (p) Kayoko Kondoh.

[Photographs of students, daughter and friends at dock by Shinsei Murakami;
others by the author.] {Used by permission.}


(1) family to japan

(2) mm and jhw

(3) jhw maryellen ponsford mm

(4) our house after a typhoon.