marlene mountain
from the mountain
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ink writing, photograph




Haiku Magazine 3:4 1969



from the mountain
dedicated to the hayes family
kaaren ingrid megan lowell tine
dear friends since 1979

special thanks for permission of materials
eric amann
richard evanoff
kyoto journal
elizabeth s lamb
anne mckay
shinsei murakami
bill pauly
hiroaki sato
kenichi sato
cor van den heuvel
rod willmot
jason wills

extra-special thanks
an exceptional appreciation for jane reichhold. she sorted through loads of copied material and saw five 'books' which could show the various approaches in haiku and painting. at that time i certainly could not have conceived of such.

jane selected and arranged much of the material for from the mountain. this was to be book 1 with special emphasis on 'one-line haiku.' she also made a couple of pre-books of the selections which helped me get a handle on my own work. she selected the cover drawing and did all that she could to encourage and push me along. extra-special thanks for such hard work and insight and vision. and for the printer to get the words on paper.

extra-special thanks to werner reichhold for the very timely boosts to my spirit.

november 1999

update on book/what's changed: most of the page numbers have been changed from book format to web format. this created gaps in the numbering. many visuals added in these places, including a few painting series, photographs and cartoons. there are still a few incomplete places due to difficulty of scanning old letters and such.

december 2002

special appreciation to each editor who's taken interest in my work

some material published in

brussels sprout
haiku magazine
kyoto journal
modern haiku
oak grove haiku
poetry canada review
wind chimes



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