marlene mountain
from the mountain
the old tin roof 85-98


the old tin roof

85 front cover, title page and back cover
86 'with rain' 'the crayfish' 'bulldozer'
87 'spring evening' 'the all day' 'spring'
88 'sun' 'spring morning' 'oak'
89 'cloud' 'gosling' 'river'
90 'rain' 'today' 'at dusk'
91 'buzzard' 'left behind' 'flies'
92 'sudden breeze' 'beneath' 'wide sky'
93 'old woodcutter' 'evening' 'cow'
94 'garlic' 'my neighbor's' 'mule'
95 'the old' 'the peanut' 'blue'
96 'mountain' 'first snow' 'brown goose'
97 'the coldness' 'tree limbs' 'old woman'
98 'five-' 'the long' 'dear zenta'