marlene mountain
february 20/21 1990



date: February 21, 1990

from: Marlene Mountain

to: Haiku Canada Newsletter and Dee Evetts

re: Freedom of expression; self-determination;

self-responsibility; the self-incentive to

self-critical self-appraisal; and the ability to

grow up in haiku in spite of haiku----and its

covert damage to self, often disguised as 'the

haiku spirit' and perpetuated by so-called

authorities including pre-Basho, Basho,

post-Basho, and encompassing contemporary

hangers-on to an ill-gotten, ill-fated and

misconstrued view of the spirit of nature

and the spirit of being.

I think the intent/concept of Jane Reichhold's

MIRRORS is the best thing that's happened to

haiku since my 'really good unpublished' and

unsubmitted 'punk haiku' of 1984:

this fucking heat sucked in twice by zen

PS: I don't want/need this haiku 'dignified'--

'by publication' or otherwise--however, you're

welcome to print this entire page as a

response to 'Reflections.'

copy: Jane Reichhold, creator of MIRRORS



from the mountain


Haiku Canada Newsletter 5:3 1990 Canada

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