marlene mountain


---- as is----


here set down

Here set down, let me fix you a plate. It don't matter you can eat some more can't you? Here take you some of these greens and dish you up a big spoonful of this apple butter. Get that big chicken breast and some of this ham. Just got done with my spring cleaning and here it is summer already.

            cooked with side meat
               the shiny kitchen window

The cornfield beans are coming up again. That late frost cooked every one back to the ground. And my dahlias so black I didn't think none would come back. We've had a terrible spring and now it's rain every day. Yesterday we went up on the hill and cleared off the weeds where daddy's planted. It was the awfulest bunch of growth i've ever seen. Mommy took some pretty pink roses and a gold wreath.

decoration day
         violets and bloodroot
the week before

the rain
                   warmed the earth and sprouted

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