marlene mountain
janurary 11 2002

not now

i step from the porch into mud not snow. not much of a 'haiku
moment' to expect what's not here. but now that people have
fucked up the seasons i decide 'fucked-up winter' is a decent
seasonal phrase.

deprived of slate-colored juncos pissed if i see a robin




not now

i'm often unclear in both my 'minimalism' and 'maximumism.' unlike you i've seen no juncos [snowbirds] this winter. they always show up during the first snowfall. but we've had only one snow which stayed a few days compared to the 70s to mid-90s when it was on the ground for months. apparently it's warm enough or whatever for the juncos to stay where they are--higher in the mountains--and they don't need to fly 'south.' i find this troubling. tho the robins don't leave this area in winter [i don't think] they aren't seen until it's 'wormable' weather. tho the ground has frozen again there've been days i've half-expected to see the robins. way out-of-sync. that's what the title refers to. truly troubling if robins would be seen before juncos.

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