marlene mountain
high coup hai ku sequence
december 28 1994

4 corners

4 corners of the [haiku] warrant cornerless seasons of nature
i kigo you kigo he she or it kigoes
ah nature you are so pleasant and pretty so haiku-like
they part company over kigo

is there more inside/haiku crafted in three/this is just one line
a watts: playing the stringless lute
cherry tree winter dawn a high haiku no-no
mm: playing the luteless . . .

print haiku as is i take responsidility ekat i si sa ukiah tnirp
nature nature! as in 'pizza pizza!'
interredactive souperhighkuweigh of haitech life
weather-proofed nature

field mouse haiku a hop skip away from hoot owl haiku
another here & now 'empty room' syndrome
nature haikued on attractive even off-white paper
now and here

'the importance of being' editor(-in-control-of-haiku)
a few magazines soon adds adds up to money
another essay on nature haiku slips into male-creator talk
contest after contest how 'bout binga

haiku 'accentuate the positive eliminate the negative'
too much nature nature on tv
haiku haiku 'go away come again another' way

Raw Nervz Haiku 2:1 1995

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