marlene mountain
high coup hai ku sequence
january 24 1994



in a heightened

'in a heightened state of awareness' zen and un troops in somalia
haiku to take my mind on the world
another magazine article on japanese rules moods spirit yawn
here & now ready-mades leap from the boob tube
'oh i've forgotten more than' bash 'ever knew about' ku
content to let others hold up that content sky
'ask not what' haiku 'can do for' me 'ask what' i 'can do for' haiku
drought fire flood quake ice at one with nature
haiku potential essay after essay tightens the nothing special screw
i done care how basho done it
conspiracies to maintain family values haiku for all haikugate
mirror freedom yet lonely
to stay out of 'the heat' yet the pull of passionate sheku
'protest haiku' more than one read to it
not dissolution of the 'moment' dissolution of lofty and stale moments
'headbangers' high coup
hallmark envelop news of a marvelous unvoid: raw nervz haiku
'i' write uh haiku and and 'and that's ok'

12) jane reichhold's mirrors 16) 'headbangers ball' on mtv: hard hard rock
17) dorothy howard & ruby spriggs, editors 18) stuart on 'saturday night live'

Raw Nervz Haiku 1:1 1994

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