marlene mountain
one-line haiku
high coup hai ku
[in progress]


high coup hai ku

of course a frog will jump into the sound of an old pond

more haiku bosses still i'll write what i want and call it haiku

from the early 1970s i called my satire of
haiku and all that goes with it 'dadaku' and these days various
versions of 'high coup hai ku.' here's another recent one:

'read my lips' how to write haiku
[former prez geo bush and] marlene mountain
which just this moment inspired:
'read my lips no new' haiku
[same authors]

there are examples but none are really needed. as a creative
being you are free to use any tense you'd like. let them get tense.

a high coup hai ku for friend jim:

mr kacian et al worldwide tear down those silly haiku/senryu definitions

senryu-san leaves the start of a lewd thought to be capped

a capping senryu for zoro
if zoro could fuck himself less often he wouldn't be as fucked up

'another ho-hum day in paradise'
the good boys of haiku stew happy mm deer turkey tadpoles

'trial by error' the 5/7/5er

just 100 days gone in this term of the non-nature jerks

be careful where you visit it may be kigoized

a beauty of a day thanks nature for no haiku to show for it

for every color in nature something fits perfectly

ps there's plenty of stuff i could add/change/subtract/etc to make this
a 'bill-type haiku' but i don't wanna

you don't like my content 'so sue me' i'll write you into a haiku
i didn't hang on his every word on which he hung himself

haiku with a capital h poet with a capital p nature merely an excuse

1/16 2002
mr senryu like god's dead

'i love them both roberta long and short haiku'*
*a 'dadaku' from the mid-70s [based on an ad]

if i choose i can write nonhaiku within haiku and call it haiku
a day of nothing not even 'nothing special'
my haiku here and there if anyone has a need for such things

a bundle of nothing special good haiku by good poets & good editors
haiku what shit we go through from westerners to write our own
frog out of the water into its sound
after his long-winded definition none of the haiku really fit
inspirational what one can't write in a haiku
inspirational what one can write in a haiku

'long-winded high coup hai ku'
as long as there's male aggression there'll be male aggression and pretty haiku
how many dubyas does it take to screw in an iraqi light bulb

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