this site is intended to document the development of my ideas from the late 1950s through the present. everything is 'as is.' i do not consider myself to be professional but since my late teens, 'serious.' sometimes too serious.

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all quoted materials and photographs belong to those named.

my material is available in limited portions for noncommercial projects in the manner/spirit in which it was created. please ask for permission--out of respect for all artists who share our work. comments welcomed but replies are doubtful. in time relevant opinions will be posted if permission is granted.

very special thanks to g.craig hobbs who is professional (in the best sense), an artist, and the first designer of this site.

this site is dedicated to friends who have encouraged me over the years including those who have insisted i share my ideas. and to all women who have braved the world to share our experiences.


'after my writings and paintings i do not say enjoy'

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