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dear jan

I think you'll be pleased with a new haiku journal edited by Dorothy Howard and Ruby Spriggs called 'raw nervz haiku'--love that name. I'm not sure when deadline is. DH has accepted John Dunphy and my real life renga. Send any of your writings to Dorothy, 67 Court Street, Aylmer QC J9H 471, Canada. I feel I've been waiting for this all my life. Hope it's what I think.

Thanks for your letters and poems. I hope Ian is doing ok. And you about it all. Takes a while to adjust.

Linda didn't accept the 9 sequences: too subtle for the readers.

Hiro always reminded me when the moon and flower links came up. I'd try to write such. But I don't understand his comment to you--maybe it is based on our renga in Mirrors. His 100 FROGS (Weatherhill, 1983) explains classic Japanese renga. In those days a renga was done in a sitting so they developed restrictions and leaps for diversity. And their culture was integral.

I don't think such rules apply to renga through the mail which takes a year or so and goes through seasons, life changes, etc. We write a western renga, branched off and more creative (creativity is not the same in Japan, I don't think). I suggest you send what you think an editor will like/accept to start making yourself reknown. The raw nervz for your other things. Mirrors for what no one will accept. That's what I do about the latter, even though I'm out of place there.

Patrick has written 2 understanding letters (but nothing from Francine) and called 3 times. He's moved to Tenn. He has a small newsletter which I believe you could send a variety of things to. Try it.

Things have gotten me down lately. Not my health. [              ] Trying to get disability through John's social security but may not happen or take long time. Apply for food stamps end of month. I'm on the edge. I used to tell Jane some of my woes, but anymore I just don't want to waste time writing about such a complicated time. Or whatever it is. I try not to dwell on them or be very realistic about it--I would panic and that would even be worse. Everyone has troubles.

There's so much more to answer in your letters. Maybe next time. Your poems are terrific. Just keep writing.

I was trying to rewrite part of R 3 # 5 link because of says and your says. Doesn't work yet. And I don't know about R 1 6. Underlying it's about you. Make sense?


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