marlene mountain
letter essay
april 1988

one hate letter

dear francine  4/9/88

Thanks so much for your interest in the review of Adele's book. She too is
pleased and looking forward to seeing it in Brussels Sprout.

Controversy does seem to follow me around. I feel that we need much more of it in haiku. In that light I'd like to share the enclosed 2 pieces. I think they are to be published in a small journal in Tokyo this spring/summer. I'm wondering if you would have interest in reprinting them at some point. They were handed out at a recent HSA meeting and yes they were controversial. I got one "hate letter" and several raves. I think there are too many quotation marks in the pieces, and when I get a chance I'm planning to take some out (I'm awful with punctuation).

Your 'get well' sequence in WC is very moving to me. I appreciate those who share their fears and pains and other human feelings in haiku. Enclosed is a piece of automatic writing which helped me deal with a downtime. I'm not sure I want to see it published in a US haiku journal (tho the Tokyo magazine wants to print it, and it's under consideration at a US women's journal), but thought I'd see what you have to say. It's rough in spots--the experience was rough--but I left it the way it came out.

You mentioned the larger page for art. Enclosed is a 'tear out' for consideration. No need to return any of the enclosed.

Hope all is well with you and your upcoming journal.

from the mountain


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