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march 1987

pr sheet

dear randy and shirley  3/18/87

Are you getting a touch of spring? We've had scattered days of it and I love it. Transplanting flowers, etc---getting in the dirt.

I've been thinking of putting out some sort of PR sheet about my writing in general and perhaps PISSED OFF POEMS AND CROSS WORDS in particular--primarily to send to women's bookstores and magazines to spark interest in POP&CW. I'm getting some interest, but not enough. I wouldn't want to impose, but I would love to add your names to the sheet.

In your very nice letter a few months ago you said: 'You continue to do the most interesting work of any writer I know! Your sequences are powerful & move quickly in a personal, interpersonal, inner-world way with leaps of experience, pissed-offs, and political issues. Thank goddess you keep stretching our limitations.' Would this be OK to quote (I could change 'you' to 'she')? Or would you want to make any changes, or say something else?

The idea of doing a PR sheet came from Sonia Johnson who is quoting a couple lines from POP&CW in her upcoming book. She volunteered to write something for me. (She's the mormon who was ex-communicated from the church for her interest in ERA. Wrote FROM HOUSEWIFE TO HERETIC--a powerful journey of transformation. Ran for president in last election.)

Here're some recent things to share. Some new visuals with Mousepaint on the computer (tho I realize they wouldn't work in 'Mayfly'). The 'mouse' is hard to control, but I rather like the scratchy, primitive writing. I'd love to get a laser printer--a regular printer ribbon only lasts a few images (these are a lot darker with a new ribbon)--but they're out of sight financially. But it would be fun (and hard word) to make little books of similar things. No more printer goofs and raised eyebrows.

And here's a supposedly funny/ridiculous (and not) piece I've been playing with. When read aloud with 'sex' slightly stressed, it is funny. I'm not sure tho I've used all the words right. I hope all is going well with you and that you are getting good haiku for MF. Take care. I'd love to hear from you at your earliest convenience.


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