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october 1987

some yak-yak

dear elizabeth 10/27/87

Here's my review of Adele's book. I wrote it while I was 'down and out' last month--and made a few changes recently. When Adele asked that I consider reviewing it, I warned her I'd probably include some yak-yak (which I have). She seems very pleased with the review, including the 'introduction.'

Soon, I hope, I'll try to compose a general letter for our womanspirit women and send to those I know of, and ask about others' addresses. (Will write Penny.)

I'm finally feeling a lot better! A cold, the result I guess of the weakened immune system, has kept me from the energy I need to catch up on things. Over a month and a half of mostly lying in bed with pain and fatigue takes its toll. It's scary, too. This was the longest episode since the initial onset. I sure do appreciate not being in it!

I've begun the 4th in The Great Mad Mother Earth Paintings series. But not with my usual zest. This one keeps staring out at me demanding to be finished. I usually do 2 or 3 day paintings, but I may have to change my 'style' and slow down a bit. Well, I guess I already have.

You asked about Jason. He 'moved out' shortly after his 20th birthday this summer--then after 2 months decided he wanted to be back. I had a great time being a nonmother while it lasted. Basically we get along fine, but I have just wanted him to accept some responsibility around here. I guess he will in time. But it was good that he wanted to come back just about the time I starting feeling bad

. The latest FP looks good. I especially like Normington's piece, as well as Hal and anne's. Have not had a chance to do more than dip into the issue.

Have you real Mary Daly's newest book? Just out. WEBSTERS' FIRST NEW INTERGALACTIC WICKEDARY OF THE ENGLISH LANGUAGE. It's Wicked. She and Sonia give me spirit to pursue my own beliefs. And to speak them. Tho I'm nowhere near their strength and courage.

Well, all for now. Keep in health, both of you.


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