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Mainichi Daily News 2/25/78 Tokyo
(Japanese) (Cor van den Heuval review of the old tin roof)

Tennessee Wildlife 1979 (unaloud haiku)

Mainichi Daily News 7/22/85 Tokyo
(Hiroaki Sato review of THH/'at dusk hot water from the hose')

Shukan Bunshun 2/28/1985 Tokyo

Newsweek 10/21/85
(one-line haiku)

Katuah #10 1985/86
(interview/writing 'in circles toward healing')

Printed Matter 1986 Tokyo

Mainichi Daily News 1/12/87 Tokyo
(Hiroaki Sato review of THA 2nd edition/one-line haiku sequences etc)

The New York Times Book Review 3/29/87
(Cor van den Heuval review of THA 2nd edition/one-line haiku)

Printed Matter 1987 Toyko

East West Journal 10/87
(Alexis Rotella review of THA 2nd edition)

Newsweek 11/26/87
(Japanese) (Cherry Kittredge 'pig and i spring rain')

Printed Matter 1988 Tokyo

The Magazine 3:2 1988 Tokyo

Kyoto Journal #7 1988
(Richard Evanoff interview/pissed off poems sequence)

Haiku Kukan 1989 Tokyo
(Japanese) (Hiroaki Sato review of a one-line haiku sequence)

Poetry Canada Review 10:1 1989
(linked haiku/visuals)

Katuah #29 1990
(nature talks back images)

Impulse Magazine 16:1 Canada
(unaloud haiku: labium)

Poetry Canada Review 11:2 1990
(4 'mad earth' paintings/haibun: 'mad earths in my room')

Kashu Mainichi 1990

New Muse of Contempt 5:1 & 2 1992 Canada
('tear out')

Kanora #32 1992 Columbia
(Spanish) (one-line haiku sequence: one)

Kyoto Journal #29 1995
(4 'mad earths' paintings)

Japan Environment Monitor #s 50 51 55 56
(nature talks back

Sunday At Four 5:2 1996
(14 one-line haiku)

Kyoto Journal #33 1997
('shetrillogy' & 3 painting series: 'the great mad mother earths plus a glad'
'womocreativa' 'chaoscoswommos')

Kyoto Journal #34 1998
('femail boxes and junk male' painting)

Sunday At Four 7:2 1998
(one-line linked haiku)

Sunday At Four 7:3 1999
(one-line linked haiku)

Sunday At Four 8:1 1999
(one-line linked haiku)

Sunday At Four 8:2 2000
(one-line linked haiku/rhymga)

Japan Times
(Hiroaki Sato review of THA 3rd edition/haiku)

Yomiuri Journal december 24 2000
(Japanese) Ryu Yotsuya

haiku, essays, visuals in haiku journals

Wind Chimes Frogpond Muse-Pie Mayfly Modern Haiku Bonsai Brussels Sprout Uguisu Oak Grove Haiku Amoskaeg High/Coo Mirrors Lynx South By Southeast Ant Ant Ant Point Judith Light


Haiku Magazine Cicada Haiku Canada Newsletter Raw Nervz Haiku

Bare Bones



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