marlene mountain
from 1980s
mm info/women's papers

[in progress]

haiku, other poems, words, visuals, reviews in women's books & journals

GOING OUT OF OUR MINDS, Sonia Johnson, The Crossing Press 1987 (haiku sequence)
WILDFIRE: IGNITING THE SHE/VOLUTION, Sonia Johnson, Wildfire Books 1989 (words including 'shevolution')
THE REFLOWERING OF THE GODDESS, Gloria Orenstein, Pergamon Press 1990 (discussion/'female alphabet' etc)
Women and Language 10:1 1986 ('who am i' essay; 3 sequences; 3 cross words paintings; 'female alphabet'
Woman of Power #5 1987 'art as activism' essay; 6 'cave paintings')
Woman of Power #6 1987 (5 'in circles' paintings)
Belles Lettres May/June 1987
The Beltane Paper's Octava 1:7 and 3:5-6
The Awakening
Rebirth of Artemis
Eidos (cover, woodcut)
Womyn's Words

Harpie's Quarterly
The Wise Woman
The Girl-illa Art 'Zine

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